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​​​Key Documents

Approval to Operate

The Tourist Parks operate under the Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2005 made under the Local Government Act 1993. Our Tourist Parks DO NOT operate under the Residential Parks Act 1998.

In accordance with s.126 of the Regulation, with respect to providing access to approval to operate and community map for inspection without cost, please see following documents:

 Also, please find copy of Ministers concurrence to the approvals to operate the Bulli, Corrimal and Windang Beach Tourist Parks here Minister's Concurrence to the Approvals to Operate 2016-2019.pdf

Holiday Van Sites

Each of our Tourist Parks provide holiday van sites for casual long-term occupation, under an Occupation Agreement - revised 2012.pdf in accordance with the Holiday Parks (Long-Term Casual Occupation) Act 2002. Across the three Tourist Parks we have approximately 350 holiday van sites. Occupants locate their own caravan, annex and personal property on the site allocated as per Agreement. 

The following Fact Sheet - Caravan Parks and Manufactured Homes Estates.pdf provides a guide for the application of the Regulation standards with respect to operational management and new structures installed on sites.

New installations and/or extensions or alterations to existing structures

An "application to install" is an activity application made under Section 68 of the Local Government Act, 1993 (which Wollongong City Council calls a M4 Activity Application Form). This application is required for any new installations, extensions to existing structures and alterations made to existing structures on a dwelling site and is required if the following circumstances exist:

  • park/estate is located on flood liable land
  • for installations more than one storey in height (note: if subfloor is 2.1 metres or greater this is considered to count as a storey), or
  • development which proposes to depart from standards set out in the Regulations

The application must be lodged with Council and must be signed by the Tourist Park Manager or have their written consent attached.

Compliance issues

The Approval to Operate process monitors and evaluates compliance with the Regulation. Non-compliances in relation to holiday vans located within our tourist parks must be rectified in accordance with the conditions of the Approval. Fact Sheet - Owning and occupying a holiday van site.pdf outlines the application of the regulation, proposed solutions, as well as a time frame for the completion of associated works required. All documentation confirming completion of compliance works must be forwarded directly to Park Manager for records management.

Long-term Casual Occupants and Guests

In addition, each of our Tourist Parks offer a range of cabins and caravan and camping sites for visiting tourists. All long-term casual occupants and guests should familarise themselves with the following documents: